Magnificent Maths

This week in maths we started off by measuring things in metres and centimetres and then we moved on to comparing length. We learned to use words like longer, longest, shorter, shortest, wider and widest to compare different measurements. We practiced using theses in sentences to compare. We then used our bar model to find out how much longer or shorter things were. Well done Year 2.

Neil Armstrong

In Year 2 this week we stated our learning on Neil Armstrong. We were so lucky because we had a visitor who came to see us and help us learn all about the first moon landing, the solar system and the sun and moon.  We even had a go at some astronaut training.Now we are really excited to start learning about Neil Armstrong in class.

Cook’s 3rd voyage

We learned all about Cook’s final voyage using drama. We found out that it was a bit of a disaster. There were lots of problems with the ship and they ran out of supplies so they had to eat walrus meat. We also discovered that the weather was cold nd stormy which made things harder. We imagined what it would have been like to be on the ship and what we would had said to Captain Cook.


Week 1 Captain Cook

In our art and topic we found out all about The Maori Warriors that Cook and his crew met in New Zealand. We discovered that they had tattoos covering their faces to show how important they were. These tattoos were all different and made swirly patterns. We had a go at designing some motifs ourselves and then adding them to our faces. How scary we look!

Starry Night

Today we looked at the Van Gogh Starry Night. We used this as inspiration for creating out own starry night backgrounds as we thought this is what it would have been like at the birth of Jesus. We then used black felt tip to create a silhouette of the nativity scene. Miss Savage was really impressed with our art work.

Making Curry

After tasting and evaluating curries we decided to make a tomato curry.  We worked really hard to plan a healthy curry. We thought all about the different things we could put in it to make sure it was healthy. We decided to include lots of different vegetables and spices to ensure it was good for us and still look yummy and colourful.

We used our teamwork skills and cooking skills to work in groups to make our delicious curry.  We were careful to follow all the steps accurately.

When we had finished we wrote some instructions to show other people how to make this curry, we focused o using time openers, bossy verbs, adverbs and conjunctions to explain. What a busy week we have had and what a delicious curry we made!

Tasting Curry

We had a great time tasting three different types of curry and evaluating them based on their look, smell, taste and spice.  When we had finished evaluating we decided which one was our favourite that we would like to have a go at planning and making.

Week 2 of our Arts Fortnight

The week has been our second and final week working with Mrs Johnston in the art studio and the children have made me so proud with their creative learning.

We have looked at the story of The Lorax and described the setting before all the structural trees were cut down. I was blown away by some of the powerful the vocabulary the children used.

Through all our science learning we found out that trees were an animals habitat and decided that this was very important and made this our class slogan. We based our art and dance around this theme. We looked at peacock feathers and drew some. We decorated them using pastels, wax crayon, felt tip, water colours and collage. We used out imagination to come up with our own colour schemes and designs. We then used our art to decorate our own birds.

What a great week we have had! Well done 2HS and thank you Mrs Johnston.

Week 1with Mrs J

We have had a fantastic week working in the art studio with Mrs Johnston.

We have started off think about trees and have learned lots of new facts to add to those we already know. We went outside to look at natural things all around school and collected nouns and verbs to describe these nouns and what they are doing.  We then put these all together in a poem and really impressed Miss Savage.

We have been doing so many exciting things. We have learned new drawing techniques such as dots, circles, dashes, lines, hatching and cross hatching. We have also sketched trees and made models of trees.

Wow! What a busy week we have had!