Frog Belly Rat Bone

This week we have started looking at a new story of Frog Belly Rat Bone.  There is a special boy who lives in a dull dark Cementland full of junk.  He fins some treasure and buries it but sadly some robbers come and steal it.  We discovered who the robbers were and put them on trial for this.  We then wrote up our arguments and decided who should be punished and how.  This weeks star writer is Thenuka for super content and improvement of presentation. Well done you!

Insect omelette

This week we have started our new topic. We found out all about a meerkat called Sunny. He goes on a trip trying to discover a perfect place to live. He tries eggs for the first time but isn’t sure they agree with him. To try and pursued him to try eggs we made a insect omelette and then wrote some amazing instructions to tell other people how to make them. Well done to Maisie and Declan whose work really impressed me today! Thank you for working so hard Year 2.

Science week

This week has been science week we have loved investigating habitats and animals. We step up a den with food inside to tempt nocturnal animals into it. We put paint at either end so they could leave footprints. We found some small foot prints and think it could have been a mouse, hole or shrew.

Moving pictures

As part of our Owl and the Pussy Cat learning we have been making moving pictures.  We began by creating a seascape using pastels and thinking carefully about the colours and shapes.  Then we made boat with the owl and the pussy cat in and carefully cut a hole in the background so we could move this along.  What do you think?

Nell Bank

What an amazing trip we had! Despite the cold weather we had a wonderful day at Nell Bank. We learned all about nocturnal animals and looked carefully at owls. We built our own owl nest working as a team to find material in the woods and decide what materials we should use. We also went on a hunt around the site to find our information about nocturnal animals and used our reading and comprehension skills to find the answers to the questions.  We had a great time playing on the adventure playground.

Making moon landers

This week we have had a challenge to make a moon lander to help two astronauts land safely on the moon.  We worked in teams to think carefully about how the astronauts would stay in the lander and how we would add shock absorbers to the bottom.  We then tested these to see if they worked.

This week we have been looking at the story of ‘Laika  the Astronaut’. We began our week by building a jigsaw picture and trying to deduce what our story would be about.  We then read our story and thought about how Laika the dog was feeling at different parts of the story.  We then made our own story maps and wrote our own versions of this story.


Maths Week

Last week it was Maths Week. We were learning all about how people use maths everyday in their work and jobs. Sammy came to visit us.  She is a doctor and she told use how she used maths everyday when calculating temperature, heart rate and how much medicine someone needs.  We practised being doctors and using different skills to do these things.

Then we thought about shops and businesses and how they use maths everyday.  We went shopping for new pets and investigated different combinations of coins to make the same amount.  We then set up our own businesses where we were making shapes. We could buy equipment from Mr Spink’s to make as many shapes as we could to see to miss Savage to try to make money.  We needed to think about money, measuring and shapes when we were doing this.

Neil Armstrong.

What a great start to our new topic! Today Neil Armstrong came to visit us. He told us all about the moon landing. We found out about how astronauts are trained, what they wear and what they eat. We also found out all about the solar system and the different planets in our solar system. It was great and we are really excited to find out more about this in the next few weeks.