The Colour Thief

Today something really exciting happened. We discovered a trail of colour outside our classroom so we followed it hoping to discover where all the colours had gone. We bravely followed the trail to the forest where we met a monkey and had to give him a banana so we could pass by.  The monkey told us to go over the mountain but there was a terrifying sleeping dragon. We crept carefully so we didn’t wake him up. Finally we found the colour thief and traded some brightly coloured paint to get our colours back.  What an exciting adventure we had!



What a great day we had! Our trip to Saltaire was such fun and we saw lots of amazing things.  We really enjoyed our walk along the canal spotting lots of sculptures. We looked at the different parts of Saltaire on the Hockney painting and tried to see if they were the same or different in real life. We also completed some amazing pictures of the church. Well done Year 2 what a great day!


All Stars Cricket

What a treat we had today! Tom from All Stars Cricket came to do a workshop with us.  We played lots different games that helped us to build our team work skills and we even managed to beat our personal bests in some of the games we played.  What a great morning we had!


This week Year 2 have been completing lots of exciting art for our Frog Belly Rat Bone topic. We mixed paints to make different types of green to paint our character with and even used felt tips to add more detail. We have also used our old socks to create our own Frog Belly Rat Bones. What do you think?

Anthony Browne

In our first week we worked on the story Gorilla by Anthony Browne.  We ended the week by going round school acting out all the different places that the characters visited in the story.  This really helped us when we can to write our own version of the book.

Crash Landing

Recently, in Year 2 we discovered a space ship had crash landed in the playground.  There was a alien called Eric on it and he thought he had landed in Leodis so we have spent the last few weeks proving to him this is Leeds. Crash Landing

counting in twos

This week in maths we have been thinking about counting in twos.  We went out side on to the playground and made different number sequences together.  The sequences all jumped up in twos, then we jumped along our number line counting as we went. Counting in