This week Year 2 have been completing lots of exciting art for our Frog Belly Rat Bone topic. We mixed paints to make different types of green to paint our character with and even used felt tips to add more detail. We have also used our old socks to create our own Frog Belly Rat Bones. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Art

  1. Wow year 2! What fantastic art you’ve done! I really loved making Frog Belly Rat Bone in year two and really hope you have had just as much fun as me! It certainly looks like you have! What has been your favourite part of the story?

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Mrs P x

  2. Frog Belly Rat Bone has been mentioned quite a lot in our house recently … I really love this story and I have to say 2HS … these creative, imaginative, creations are amazing – well done to all of you!

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