Atkinson Grimshaw

This week we have been looking at artist Atkinson Grimshaw. We noticed that his paintings were night scenes of Leeds. We saw that he used warm colours such as yellow, gold, orange and red to illuminate the windows and lampposts in his art. We tried to create our own pictures in this style. We drew houses and used brown and black pastels to colour the house before adding in the warm lights. What do you think?

Bridge building take 1

This week we have begun looking at our DT project. Today we worked in teams to build our first bridges. We had paper, wood, lolly sticks and straws to create our bridge with. We used sellotape and print stick to join our bridges.  We found that the bridges were not strong enough and reflected on this. We decided on our next attempt to use saws to cut wood and a glue gun to join the parts. I wonder how they will turn out.

The Corn Exchange

After visiting The Corn Exchange on our trip to Leeds we have looked at the building and how it has been used in more detail.

We thought about what purpose it was built for and found out that farmers took their corn there to sell to merchants. The glass roof allowed maximum light for examining the Corn without damaging it.

We then found out that its is not used for the same purpose now. Now there are posh shops, nail salons, hair dressers and cafes.

We used drama to act out what it was used for then and now before writing comparisons of how it has changed.

Tony Peek

We were so lucky that author and poet Tiny Peek came in to work with us. He read us some of his poems and we played some games where we thought of some rhyming words. Then we tried to write some poems of our own. We tried to think of words to describe an animal that all started with the same letter. We learned that this was called illiteration.  Some of ours were

clever crocodiles climb

fluffy foxes fight

sleepy snakes slither

Leeds City Centre

What an amazing trip we had. We went to Leeds on the public bus and visited the museum. We then walked all around the city spotting many human and physical features. We learned about Cuthbert Brodrick and all the building he designed such as the town hall. We visited Leeds bridge and the river Aire on our way to the Corn Exchange.


Crash Landing

Last week something so exciting happened. An alien called Eric crash landed in our school playground and said he was looking for Leodis. We tried to tell him that he was in Leeds but he didn’t believe us. We showed him where Leeds was on a map of the Uk as well as the other countries and the capital cit6 of England: London.

we also told him all about the river Aire, where it flows and how it changes. I wonder if he believes us now or if we will have to tell him more?

Settling in

what a great start to Year 2 we have had. We have all settled in really well. In the first week we worked on the story Gorilla. We had great fun using drama to act out the trail of the story before we wrote our own versions.